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"I eat pretty healthy and mostly organic...but this belly though..."

Man! If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that one... So, here's the skinny... (yeah, pun intended) You're toxic. The End.

Ok, ok...not the end - it's really just the beginning. Everyone's heard of toxins, but not everyone knows what kind of party those little devils are throwing once they make their way to our bellies. On average, there are 72 herbicides and pesticides sprayed all over our fruits and veggies. And how many people do you know who are lactose intolerant these days? Well, it's no wonder, because our cows are injected with steroids, hormones and antibiotics so farmers can get them to market faster, and all that crap goes down the hatch every time we take a swig of milk! So what happens next, you ask? "Liver to the rescue!!!" As we ingest more and more of these nasty toxins from our food supply, our livers respond by producing more fat to protect us - especially around our bellies cuz that's where most of our organs are! Bottom line: eliminate the toxins, replace with optimal nutrition, bye-bye belly.

Ready to rock a legit detox? Visit, then click on Sign Up and Save. You'll thank me later and I won't even say "I told ya so." (...but I will say "You're welcome", and I'll even coach you through it. SCORE!) Still have questions? No worries. I'm one of those need-to-know types too. Just give a shout at the bottom of the page so we can connect. Easy peasy.

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