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Can the music of George Friderick Handel help us heal our Throat chakras?

Recently, I've been in study mode of the chakra system; the Throat chakra in particular. Considered the 5th chakra (of the primary 7), the Throat, or Vishuddha in Hindu tradition, is the "purification center" of our bodies that affects our self-expression, creativity, and power of choice. As I was studying this chakra, and having heard George Frideric Handel's famous "Messiah" oratorio many times, the sound of the fugue "And He Shall Purify" popped into my mind. Curious about this potential connection, I found that it was written in the key of G Minor, and the Throat chakra bija mantra sound is "HAM" (pronounced "Hahm") which is also associated to the musical note of G. This movement contains the lyrics "He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver...", deriving from scripture in chapter 3 of Malachi. The Refiner here (Christ), is symbolically cleansing the dross (aka: scum that's found on some metals) from the souls of the Levites who were vile and corrupt. Coincidentally (or not), the Throat chakra yantra (aka: symbol) contains a silver crescent symbolizing cosmic sound, also known in Sanskrit as "nadam" or "Om", which guessed it... purity.

Clearing and balancing the energy that vibrates in our Throat chakra helps us to speak our truth, invoke our power of choice, surrender our personal will to God's Divine will through a little thing called faith; and bridges the gap from our heart to our head. There are also plenty of physical, mental, and emotional issues that can be healed by way of activating this 5th chakra (as depicted in the image here). So, the next time you're feeling "stuck", unable to move forward, taken advantage of, confused...or perhaps you've just caught a nasty sore throat... consider that you may be experiencing a blockage in your Throat chakra - and start "purifying" yourself by having a listen to Handel. PS...singing along is sure to be an added bonus.

Check out a classic version performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or a more contemporary, soulful version by Tramain Hawkins.

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