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If there are "laws of God" that are universal, then why are we so hell-bent on being exclu

Since leaving my career in Corporate America and stumbling into the world of Network Marketing, I have discovered a new way of thinking and even a new way of "being". This shift came as a result of something called "personal development", which, I'll grant you, sounds vague and a bit nondescript; but nonetheless has been life-changing for me. One of the fundamental principles of personal development is something called Universal Law. (Some also use the term "Natural Law.") These laws are simply ways for us to live closer to God and to get the most out of life. Having been brought up in a Disciples of Christ church, then a non-denominational church, then a Baptist church, I understand the importance of worshiping God in whatever way makes us the most comfortable. What I don't understand is why we ("we" being humans who believe in a higher power of some sort) have such difficulty practicing laws that are universal to all, no matter what the religious affiliation happens to be. After all, the word "universal" is defined as "of, affecting, or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group; applicable to all cases". Applicable to all cases...welp, there it is.

One of the most insightful books that I've read on this topic is titled Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell. In this masterpiece (yeah, it's THAT good!), Holliwell breaks down such universal laws as attraction, compensation, non-resistance, forgiveness, success, and a handful of others. The underlying purpose of this book (and this blog) is to help us all discover the universal truths that are, as the dictionary states, applicable to all cases. I wonder how much more peaceful of a planet this would be if we all spent a little more time learning about the laws that are universal and common among us, rather than those laws we talk about on Sunday morning that promote exclusivity and keep us limited, narrow-minded, and confined?

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